Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Guide (Softcover)

by: Brent Terwilliger David Ison John Robbins Dennis Vincenzi
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Exploring designs, operations, regulations, and economics of small unmanned aircraft systems.
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The utility and benefits of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) are being increasingly recognized across the aviation industry. While this technology is not new, its ability to support domestic public and private operators is becoming better understood, opening up new uses to government organizations and commercial enterprise. Small UAS are expected to become the most prevalent and affordable form of unmanned aircraft available, with applications for both business and recreation ranging from hobby model aircraft communities to defense contracting.

Beginning with the history and evolution of UAS, this book covers typical sUAS designs (including types of multirotor, fixed-wing, and hybrid), major elements and equipment, related technology, common uses, and safety practices, while also providing guidance and resources to help you make well-informed decisions regarding purchase and use and determine a path forward through the complex legal, business, operational, and support considerations.

Whether using sUAS to address a business need or for recreation, this text provides you with the knowledge to acquire necessary certification approvals, evaluate and purchase an sUAS, and operate in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. Written for experienced aviators as well as those new to aviation and operating in the National Airspace System, the easy-to-read format features 230 illustrations, a list of abbreviations, and index. The authors’ experience and insight into the technical, operational, and regulatory considerations will assist you in shaping your own strategy for use of this (r)evolutionary technology.

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    Posted by Dr. Richard Baker, Indiana State University on Jan 24th 2022

    ""Let me say that I know this was a daunting task as the field is already large and growing while the technology is changing rapidly. I liken it to changing a tire on a car while driving. However, you have produced a great document. I especially like the term "guide." I really liked the approach of introducing the history, then giving an understanding of uses, covering the breadth of designs and configurations, the roadmap of the legal world, how to approach a business, and then the references needed to begin one's journey into the unmanned age. One area of major interest was how you broke down the UAS into system composites and covered each in detail. With the sUAS operation section, you have given everyone a checklist view of the entire operations business. Most readers will not understand that you have handed them in a few pages what they would take weeks to learn and absorb from user manuals on their own."

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    Posted by Brandon Wynn, UAS Instructor, Lane Aviation Academy on Jul 14th 2020

    "This is an excellent book for both beginners and intermediate operators. I teach a few UAS classes at Lane Community College and this book fits into the curriculum perfectly. I especially like the business chapter as this is extremely valuable to someone looking for a quick start guide. As a UND Aerospace Alum it pains me to say that the Embry Riddle authors did one heck of a job on this. Highly recommended!!"