ASA Digital Product Access

ASA eBooks may not be returned or refunded.

Ticket Redemption (not for Prepware)

If you have a code for an eBook, HS-1A Headset, or a digital product such as videos or image downloads, other than Prepware, use the "Redeem my Ticket" button below to enter your code.

THIS IS NOT FOR PREPWARE! Prepware code redemption can be found at PrepNow.

Redeem my Ticket

Accessing Your ASA Library

You must purchase an ebook or redeem an ASA eBook code to use the ASA Library. ASA eBooks are delivered through the ASA Library at To login for the first time, use the "Recover/Setup Password" link.

To access your ebooks on your mobile device, download the ASA Library app on the App Store or on the Google Play Store.

If you have any trouble contact

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ASA Reader App Users

The ASA Reader App is no longer available for download and will no longer be supported after December 1, 2023. We recommend moving any and all ebooks you may have in the ASA Reader to another location as soon as possible. ASA ebooks that were purchased in May 2020 until now have been moved to the ASA Library. Create an account or reset your password at to access your ebooks. If you purchased an eBook prior to May 2020, please contact