FAA Test Standards

Updates: FAA Test Standards

Below are updates to the published editions of FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS) and Airman Certification Standards (ACS) for both pilots and mechanics. Click on the update date to view the PDF. If there is no date or “N/A”, the FAA has not released any changes or updates.

Publication Title Update
ACS-1 Aviation Mechanic ACS (starting August 1, 2023) Mar 2023
8081-4E Instrument Pilot - Helicopter May 2018
8081-16B & 8081-7B Flight Instrucor Rotorcraft Helicopter May 2018
Flight Instructor Airplane (Multi-Engine Land & Sea) April 2018
8081-5F.7 & 8081-10D ATP and Type Rating (Airplane); Aircraft Dispatcher January 2018
8081-9D Flight Instructor Instrument (Airplane & Helicopter) Apr 2014
8081-15A Private Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter and Gyroplane May 2013