Dealer of the Month

March 2024

ASA Dealers can be found all over the globe. Take a look at our Store Locator and Online Retailer pages to see that ASA products are just about everywhere. This page is dedicated to our outstanding retailers who do an amazing job of providing access to ASA products.

NorthstarVFR's mission is to help student pilots study efficiently and effectively by providing them with high quality resources and study-aids. To that end, Northstar exclusively offers ASA tools and books. Northstar’s primary product is a service wherein index tabs are placed in the ASA FAR/AIM in order to help Private Pilots, Commercial Pilots and Instructors learn the regulations in an efficient manner with tabs that are durable, legible and relevant. Northstar currently offers seven different variants of their Pre-Tabbed FAR/AIM which focus on the aforementioned licenses and combinations thereof.

Northstar first began doing business in Fall 2020 and since then has shipped over 13,600 orders with most of those being pre-tabbed FAR/AIMs to very favorable reviews. Northstar operates entirely online at and is based in the Pacific Northwest.

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