Updates: Textbooks

Below are updates to textbooks published by ASA. They reflect corrections as well as updates to content that may have been affected by regulation or industry changes since publication. Click on the update date to view the PDF.

Textbook Title Update
OEG-AMT4 Aviation Mechanic Oral & Practical Exam Guide 4th Edition Dec 2022
CUG-14 Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide Oct 2021
TURB-PLT4 The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual Sep 2021
COMPOSITE-2 Essentials of Advanced Composite Fabrication & Repair Apr 2023
HUMAN Human Factors Oct 2020
FLY-WING4 Fly the Wing Aug 2020
PR-ELEC Practical Electricity For Aviation Maintenance Technicians Apr 2020
8083-15B Instrument Flying Handbook Nov 2019
CAP-6 The Complete Advanced Pilot Sep 2019
OEG-H2 Helicopter Pilot Oral Exam Guide May 2018
PHF-2 Principles of Helicopter Flight May 2018
AC43.13-1B2B Aircraft Inspection, Repair & Alterations Oct 2015
PM-ME The Pilot’s Manual: Multi-Engine Flying Sep 2015
8083-13A Glider Flying Handbook May 2015
8083-6 Advanced Avionics Handbook May 2013