Drone Logbook

by: ASA
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Ideal first logbook for hobbyists and new drone operators to record flight time and flight experience.
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THE STANDARD® Drone Logbook is the perfect place for hobbyists and drone operators to begin recording their flight time and experience. Log flight or mission details including date, make & model of aircraft being flown, aircraft identification, takeoff location, landing location, aicraft category (multi-rotor, single rotor, fixed wing), flight conditions, types of operating time, instruction received, PIC time, number of flights, number of takeoffs and landings, and total duration of flight. There is also a column to record special remarks related to the mission.

A ground instruction log and maintenance log are also included, as well as a summary page to record flight time specific to make, model, dual instruction, and PIC time. Gray-green, soft cover, 7-3/4" x 4-1/8", 16 pages.