E6B Classroom Trainer

by: ASA
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Large-scale display size aviation computer features high- and low-speed wind correction slide and high-speed compressibility table. Use this classroom training aide to teach every calculation the standard size device can figure.
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Performing flight calculations is an essential skill every pilot must have. Fuel, distance, speed, time, angle, volume, arm, moment, capacity, duration, weight and balance are all numbers crucial to a flight plan. Teaching students how to perform calculations using an E6B can be challenging. The E6B Classroom Trainer from ASA makes teaching flight computer computation fun and easy.

This large-scale, fully functional E6B flight computer is made of durable plastic and sets on a sturdy metal base. It functions exactly like a handheld flight computer featuring a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correction chart on one side, and on the other side the slide computes time, speed, distance, altitude, true airspeed, and density altitude problems as well as conversions. Wingnuts allow for tension adjustments on the slide rule. Large knobs on both sides allow for easy rotation of the azimuth for calculations. The wind side can be marked with a dry or wet erase marker. Nautical and statute scales are included. 

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    You absolutely can quote me!

    Posted by Alyssa H. on Nov 10th 2023

    "It's amazing! We are pumped to get to use this with kids in our program."