FBO Management (Hardcover)

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Operating, Marketing, and Managing as a Fixed-Base Operator
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This industry-leading textbook covers all aspects relating to the operation, marketing, and management of fixed-base operators (FBOs). Author Dr. C. Daniel Prather, an experienced aviation industry professional educator, presents key considerations for FBO managers and prepares university-level students for this competitive business field. This text begins by covering the history of general aviation and the scope of the current industry and then examines all elements of FBO operations, including line service, aircraft maintenance, flight operations, aircraft sales, aircraft charter, customer service, and more. A focus on marketing an FBO explores the role of marketing, sales and promotion, marketing research, and transportation needs assessment. As a management resource, this book examines methods of acquiring a business aircraft, management functions and organization, risk management, financial planning, and human resources as well as presents current and future challenges confronting FBOs.

Each chapter contains resources to aid readers’ learning, including definitions of key terms, review questions, and real-world scenarios to help students apply their learning to challenges encountered by FBOs. Entrepreneurs establishing an FBO will find practical discussions of FBO services to consider, safe line service practices, proper legal structures, marketing plans, risk management, and more.

C. Daniel Prather currently serves as airport manager of Riverside Municipal Airport, professor of aviation science at California Baptist University, and president of DPrather Aviation Solutions and PDPCredit.com. He is an active educator, researcher, trainer, and industry consultant with expertise in airport management and collegiate aviation. Prather is an Accredited Airport Executive, Certified Aviation Manager, instrument-rated private pilot, and remote pilot with sUAS rating.