In Safe Hands (eBook PD)

by: David Robson
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A guide for not-so-comfortable airline travelers on things that go bump in the flight. Interesting and easy to read, this book is full of useful advice for the nervous flyer.
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If you experience stress prior to or during a commercial flight, you are not alone. Fist time passengers and even those who have done it a thousand times can be sensitive to the noises, motions and other sensations experienced while in-flight. In Safe Hands--The How and Why of Airline Travel, by David Robson, aims to relieve some of the anxiety brought on by airline travel, by providing insight and understanding to the "things that go bump in the flight".

Originally developed as a lecture series for frequent business travelers, In Safe Hands is not only a great resource for passengers, but also the cabin crew. Topics discussed in this book include explanations of typical airline aircraft; how pilots fly, navigate, communicate and manage the flight; the cabin crew and what they do for passengers; external factors such as weather and wind; internal and sensory factors such balance, oxygen, sleep, motion, and turbulence; safety; the airspace structure; normal and abnormal occurances and much more.

Do yourself a favor and download this book before your next trip on an airplane. Learn what to expect so you can relax and enjoy the in-flight service.

David Robson produced this book in its entirety and takes full responsibility for the content.