Plotting Your Course Brochure

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Start your own flying adventure with ASA’s Plotting Your Course Brochure. The step-by-step basics of how to become a pilot. These are great for handing out at events for student pilots or aspiring aviators.

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Designed to mimic a true aeronautical chart, ASA’s Plotting Your Course fold-out brochure is loaded with useful information about how to get a pilot’s license, and has proven to pique the interest of aspiring aviators. While this “chart” should not be used for navigation, it should be used to inspire and inform future pilots that their dreams are within reach.

This FREE resource contains general information about the first steps to pilot certification, eligibility requirements, how to find and choose the right flight school, how long it takes to get a license, how much it costs, and how to get started. Additionally, readers will be introduced to basic ground school topics including airplane terminology, chart reading, aircraft systems, fundamentals of flight, airspace and weather, aerodynamics, runway markings and traffic patterns. A table containing contact info is provided for quick reference, which includes social media links as well as web addresses to ASA training products, and important aviation industry groups and organizations.

  • First Steps—Learn to Fly Checklist
  • Certificates and Ratings Table
  • Choosing a Flight School and an Instructor
  • Parts of an Airplane
  • General Facts and Questions
  • Aircraft Systems—How the Parts of an Airplane Work Together
  • Fundamentals of Flight
  • Airspace and Weather

These are a great edition to any new-client packet, and make an excellent introductory flight handout for a point-of-sale countertop.