Seaplane Pilot

by: Dale De Remer
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Comprehensive text for pilots adding the seaplane rating to their license and for seaplane pilots to learn more, using full-color photography and illustrations throughout.
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Training for the seaplane pilot rating and beyond!

Getting the seaplane rating is just pure fun. It provides the challenge of learning a new skill, freedom to land anywhere there is water, and access to remote places. The seaplane pilot rating may be obtained as the first pilot rating or, most commonly, as an add-on rating for those pilots who already hold the Airplane, Single-Engine Land certificate.

Dale DeRemer’s Seaplane Pilot guides pilots through this process with plenty of tips, techniques and advice from a pro along the way. It is also designed to function as an excellent tool for review, for those who already have the rating. Dr. DeRemer, “the recognized dean of seaplane pilots,” invites readers to join him on this learning adventure.

All the tasks the pilot must demonstrate during the checkride are covered in detail: preflight preparations, taxiing, sailing, seaplane base and airport operations, takeoffs and landings, emergency operations, and more. Whether you want to study intensely for the checkride to obtain a seaplane rating, or just review your knowledge and skills from the comfort of an easy chair, Seaplane Pilot will provide a welcome learning experience.

Dale DeRemer has also been called the “father of the SEAWINGS national safety program for seaplane pilots” by Water Flying Magazine. In the past 15 years, he has conducted his well known wilderness courses training hundreds of pilots, one-on-one, in the skills of wilderness seaplane operations from the rainforests and high volcanic lakes of Central America, to beyond the Arctic Circle. Seaplane Pilot draws from his extensive experience in water flying, using full-color photography and illustrations throughout. Also included are helpful sidebar notes that reference the key parts of the FAA’s Seaplane Practical Test Standards (which is reprinted in the appendix), plus excerpts from pertinent FAA advisory circulars, and a bibliography for further reference.

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    Posted by Michael S. Baum, JD, MBA, CISSP on Jan 14th 2022

    "A world-class work of art by a giant of the aviation sciences,< Seaplane Pilot by Prof. Dale DeRemer, Ph.D., is the ultimate seaplane resource for seaplane student and pilot alike. By any metric, you will quickly find that SEAPLANE PILOT eclipses the other available texts - not surprising given DeRemer’s remarkable credentials and track-record. A review of this tome quickly made me acutely aware of the practical, indeed essential information that I missed during my seaplane training. No doubt, this essential text will accelerate and improve your training, air- and seamanship, and generally expand your aviation horizons! Prof. DeRemer writes with remarkable clarity and purpose. The scope of topics and depth of coverage of such topics are extensive. Even the technical details do not obscure and confuse (you’ll also learn some new V speeds that may save your skin). It will keep your interest. The vast collection of photographs adds excitement and painlessly helps convey good techniques (including, for example, 17 color photos plus 12 diagrams about tying knots, and, would you believe, photos of a floatplane departing on “roller skates”!). Many practical tables embellish the work product (for example, full-page tables entitled "Summary of Takeoff Types" and "Surface Wind Force Table"). Enjoy Seaplane Pilot, you will treasure it for the years to come."