The Pilot’s Manual Flight School Textbook Images

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Images, illustrations, and figures from The Pilot’s Manual: Flight School textbook in PowerPoint format.
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The Pilot’s Manual: Flight School Textbook Images contains all the illustrations and figures from this textbook, for instructor use in the classroom. The PowerPoint® slides make it easy for instructors to create their own custom multi-media presentations to teach the principles the students are reading in the book. Slides can be viewed collectively as a slideshow, or inserted as individual slides in a presentation.

Over 600 slides are included and cover all the maneuvers for the Private, Commercial and Flight Instructor certificates including: taxiing, primary and secondary controls, straight and level flight, turns, slow flight and stalls, spins, takeoffs and landings, emergency operations, crosswind operations, unusual attitude recoveries, chandelles, ground reference maneuvers and much more.

Contact ASA if you are interested in a multi-user license for this product.