The Pilot’s Manual: Ground School Sixth Edition (eBook PD)

by: The Pilot’s Manual Editorial Team
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This textbook covers all the aeronautical knowledge required to pass the FAA knowledge exams and operate as a Private or Commercial pilot. Download the free Private syllabus and Commercial syllabus to use with this text.
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Before taking to the sky, a pilot’s education begins on the ground. For over 30 years, The Pilot’s Manual: Ground School has introduced pilots to aerodynamics, airplane systems and flight instruments, human factors, weather, and flight operations. This textbook provides everything a pilot needs to know to earn a Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot Certificate.

The sixth edition of Ground School covers all the required knowledge tested on the private and commercial FAA Knowledge Exams and the oral portion of the practical exam (checkride). With text supported by hundreds of full-color images, students will gain a detailed understanding of complicated topics such as airplane and airport operations, regulations, human physiology in flight, reading charts, navigation and airspace, operational weather factors, flight planning, and more. This edition has been updated to introduce readers to advances in aviation fuel, battery technology, and improved weather services available to pilots.

Pilots seeking their Commercial Pilot Certificate will find clearly labeled and separated sections throughout this book to prepare them for the Commercial Pilot FAA Knowledge Exam. Each chapter concludes with study questions to aid home or classroom study. Answer keys and an extensive glossary of aviation acronyms are included.

Foreword by Barry Schiff. This book is part of The Pilot’s Manual Series—used by leading universities as their standard classroom texts.

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