The Standard® Pilot Log (Pink)

by: ASA
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This product is currently OUT OF STOCK. Expected availability late Summer 2024.
Hardcover logbook for recording pilot flight and training time. Includes instructor endorsements.
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THE STANDARD® Pilot Log now available in PINK! When choosing a logbook, it’s important to make sure it will meet the needs of the pilot and the type of training and flying they plan to do. This textured logbook has the same trusted page and column layout as our popular black logbook (ASA-SP-30) it just looks different on the outside.

Recording columns include aircraft make and model, identification, points of departure and arrival, aircraft category, type of piloting time, conditions of flight, instrument approaches, landings, and duration of flight. All instructor endorsements are included in the back pages making it easy for instructors to issue the proper endorsement for the student.

THE STANDARD® pilot logbooks have been supporting the aviation industry for over 60 years and comply with FAA recordkeeping requirements. With so many options, there is a logbook that’s right for you. Versatile, easy-to-use and flexible enough to fit any pilot’s needs, student or ATP.