Combined Commercial & Flight Instructor Syllabus (PDF)

by: Arlynn McMahon
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Acquire the necessary flight proficiency to meet the requirements for an initial commercial pilot certificate and an initial flight instructor certificate with an airplane category and single-engine land class rating.
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This PDF syllabus includes 29 dual hours in a complex airplane, during which you will usually occupy the right seat, including a daytime, 2-hour, 100 NM cross-country flight and a nighttime, 2-hour, 100 NM cross-country flight. You are usually PIC during training flights, logging PIC time to the extent possible. No solo time is included. If you choose to solo, be aware that some airplanes require the PIC to occupy the left seat. This may affect your ability to fly from the right seat when solo. It may also restrict your ability to be PIC during training. Your instructor will help you to determine your status of PIC before each flight.

The FAA does not allow a “combined checkride.” Two separate practical exams are planned in this syllabus: a commercial and a flight instructor. With the consent of the Designated Pilot Examiner, in an airplane where the manufacturer does not require the PIC to occupy the left seat, your commercial practical exam may be conducted with you flying from the right seat. Your instructor will communicate with the examiner in advance, so you’ll not have any last minute surprises.

There are no block quizzes. The FAA Knowledge Exams demonstrate your knowledge. There are no progress checks. Your commercial practical test is a good indication of training that may be necessary as you continue toward the flight instructor practical test.

Required reading materials associated with this syllabus: