Principles of Helicopter Flight Syllabus (PDF)

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A flight and ground training course for the Private Pilot Helicopter certificate, based on Principles of Helicopter Flight textbook. Meets Part 61 and 141 requirements.
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This syllabus provides a comprehensive and integrated flight and ground school training program. Based on the textbook Principles of Helicopter Flight by Walter J. Wagtendonk, the curriculum in this syllabus helps instructors and students complete the Private Pilot certificate course with a Helicopter rating. Effective for both Part 141 and Part 61 programs, the syllabus will ensure all experience and knowledge requirements have been met.

Flight lessons are presented side-by-side with their corresponding ground lessons. Instructor endorsements, stage exams, airman certificate rating application (Form 8710), and a checkride checklist are included.

This syllabus will take the student from start to finish in an efficient and logical manner, with the ultimate goal of achieving Private Pilot Helicopter certification.